On-Demand Condensing                     

Engineered for Exceptional Performance,
Construction, and Maintenance

Recycle Waste Heat and Produce Substantial Cash Stream

Economizers have been proven money saving concepts for nearly 100 years. Now we can extend the efficiency of the traditional rugged Feedwater Heater style economizer, with less corrosion effect than the standard installation. Cannon's On-Demand unit now converts waste gas heat to free energy for your process, with minimal affect on any other piece of equipment in your facility.

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• On-Demand operation, only when your system
   needs hot water
• ROI may be less than 1 year - installed!
• Invisible to boiler system
• Easily inspected and repaired
• Once optimized for your operation, it automatically
   heat recovers maximum heat
• May boost boiler effiiciency to over 90%

• Safety relief valve
• Galvanized or painted support structure
• A.S.M.E. stamped and National Board
   Registered coil
• Coolant temperature flow control valve
• Upgrades in instrumentation and controls
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